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CAA Elementary Classes

Buffalo Urban Music Program - BUMP (4th-8th)

BUMP enhances the music education of middle school students in the city of Buffalo through offering high-quality music instruction. Students are bussed to campus from their respective schools, and receive group instruction in string, wind and percussion, jazz, and vocal ensembles. Within those ensembles, students receive individualized instruction from interns and instruction in music theory, improvisation, and composition—learning that enriches their public school music experiences. 

BUMP provides an exemplar model for music education. Through developing best practices based on current research findings, BUMP provides a model for music teaching and learning for our music education undergraduates, as well as for in-service music teachers and administrators from our area and beyond. In addition, the supervised pre-service teaching experience our interns gain is a unique aspect of our degree and provides a model for undergraduate music education curricula.

The Buffalo Urban Music Project (BUMP) is a community music program housed in Rockwell Hall at SUNY Buffalo State.

We offer instruction in:

  • Voice
  • Traditional Band and Orchestra Instruments
  • Guitar and Piano
  • African Drumming
  • Composition
  • Music Theory
  • Improvisation 

Magic of Photography (K*-8th)

**This course was initially only offered to K-4, but due to demand we are expanding the offering to 8th grade! We will divide the course by developemental level to accomodate the variety of abilities.**

Discover the wonder of how photography works through its basic tools and materials, from optical to darkroom. 

*Guardians of younger grade levels are encouraged to attend the course along side their student.

Modern Art Expression in Mural Design (K-8th)

Students will develop and deepen their personal exploration of artistic expression and understanding of the artistic process while creating a collaborative multi-panel mural.  This original work of art will be influenced by the styles and methods of foreign and modern artists and will be displayed at the school after completion.  Following the exhibition, students may take their mural panels home. 

Materials are provided.  Please bring an art smock or wear "old clothes." (12 maximum enrollment)

Note: In the five-week follow-up session, development of individual expression will continue through the addition of multiple panels to the collaborative mural.  This session is not a repeat, but are a continuation of study and practice in the development of personal skill, technique and process. 

New Approaches to Creative Writing (K-5th)

Creative writing takes on many forms. Some of it is literal text and other aspects include illustration, acting out parts of a story, and making visualizations of a narrative. We will build stories in a variety of mediums and methods and watch our imaginations come to life!

Popups & Comic Books (K-5th)

Children will create original books in a popup and comic book style. Each piece will mimic the style and design of a popular children's publication that will be discussed in great detail throughout the duration of the course. Such discussion will reflect the kind of "close-reading" that the Buffalo State English Department exercises within its Children's Literature courses, but at a much younger level. This practice will give children a taste of what is like to read literature for more than entertainment, and what is thus learned will be reflected in the books to be created. The original works created in this course will be considered for potential publication on the Buffalo State College Web Site. 

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