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Chair Reappointment Process

Guidelines for Reappointment of Department Chairs
January 31, 2008

Chair reappointment survey (DOC, 60KB)

I. College Expectations
The Buffalo State College Directory of Policy Statements, Policy Number VI:09:00, revised November, 1997, specifies that each department will develop and adopt a process for evaluation of the chair. These procedures will be available in written form and will be used to initiate chair reappointments. It is expected that the following will be components of every chair evaluation:

  1. The evaluation follows a process adopted by the department and accepted by the administration. 
  2. The chair evaluation process will view the chair as both manager and leader of the department and will address the various chair roles described in this document.
  3. A self-evaluation of the chair will be part of the evaluation package.
  4. A written statement evaluating the chair’s performance and a recommendation for reappointment will be sent to the dean by the department.
  5. The dean will conduct an independent review of the chair’s performance, forwarding an evaluation and recommendation to the provost along with all materials provided by the department. 
  6. The provost will review the chair evaluations from the dean and department and will advise the president of the outcome of the evaluation. The president will reappoint chairs.
  7. The chair evaluation process will occur early in the final year of a chair’s appointment and will provide adequate time for response by chair and notice of reappointment.

II.  School of Arts and Humanities Expectations
In congruence with the above stipulations, the School of Arts and Humanities has established a process for the evaluation of the work of department chairs in order to provide a fair and equitable evaluation of chairs across the School’s departments.  The School process specifies the minimal evaluation package for department chairs desiring reappointment.  A department may augment this package according to departmental process, with the approval of the dean. The School process follows:

III.  School Process

  1. The purpose of the review is to provide feedback for the department chair and information for the administration to utilize in the chair reappointment process.
  2. The review will be conducted during the first semester of the third year of a chair’s three year term in order to provide four semesters of work for review.
  3. The departmental personnel committee, or other body according to departmental bylaws, will implement the review.  Alternatively, the dean will appoint a committee.
  4. All departmental faculty and staff (full-time and part-time) will be invited to participate in the review process
  5. Additional appropriate stakeholders, identified in consultation with the chair, may be invited to participate in the reappointment process, (such as by writing a letter and/or completing a survey, and/or being interviewed). 
  6. The faculty and staff will be surveyed using an evaluation questionnaire based on the Buffalo State College department chair job description. The survey may be customized  though questions added by the dean and the department.  The online survey is available in the Faculty Handbook on the SAH Web site (DOC).

IV.  School Procedures

  1. To evaluate the performance of the chair, the departmental personnel committee will consider

    a. a self-evaluation provided by the chair, one to three pages in length, based on the College document defining the role of the chair 

    b. annual reports submitted by the department over the past two years

    c. compiled survey responses from the faculty and staff defined above   

    d. optional materials, including summarized comments from other stakeholders; other relevant documentation the chair wishes to include; and additional relevant documentation the committee may request, such as feedback from students, alumni, professional colleagues and community members, with approval of the chair or the dean.

  2. The department personnel committee, in consultation with the department faculty and staff, will prepare a report of one to three pages and recommendation for reappointment based upon the documentation described in step one above. The report and recommendations must be formulated in a manner that expresses both majority and minority opinions and protects the anonymity of the respondents. Therefore, the personnel committee must present summarized comments, not direct quotes. The committee should summarize recurring themes, outline strengths and major accomplishments during the period under review, and suggest areas for continued growth as appropriate.
  3. The committee will provide their report to the chair at least one week prior to the date of submission to the dean. The chair has the option to respond to the departmental committee in writing within five working days, after which the committee may modify its report and will forward the final report to the dean, with a copy to the chair. 
  4. The dean will conduct an independent review and provide a copy to the chair, who, may respond to the dean in writing within five working days, after which the dean may modify the dean’s report with a copy to the chair.
  5. The dean will provide all of the above stipulated materials to the provost, who will recommend to the president.


V.  Calendar
The reappointment review will be accomplished during the fall semester in order to give the chair four complete semesters for the review period. 

The departmental recommendation to the dean is due one week prior to the conclusion of the fall semester. 

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