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Moving Expenses

The following information is provided for new Arts and Humanities faculty who have been provided with moving expenses. Please read the information carefully, as not all expenses associated with moving are covered. Questions concerning this policy may be directed to James Thor, Director of College & Foundation Accounting, Cleveland Hall 417 (716) 878-4117.

Moving Expense Policy and Procedure Information

Moving Expense reimbursement is governed by a New York State policy for new appointees to the state payroll.

Moving expense payments are recorded on employee W-2 forms for the year in which the reimbursement is made. Therefore, this policy is restricted to appointees to the college's state payroll.

Moving Expense reimbursement is offered at the option of college officials. New appointees are not guaranteed moving expenses. The cost of moving expense reimbursement for new faculty members is charged to the Provost's office. Moving expense requests require the approval of the President.

New faculty are responsible for making their own moving arrangements and paying moving costs.

Moving expense claims are reimbursed by New York State after the move, based on original receipts. There is no provision for advance payment.

The following specific moving expenses are eligible for reimbursement under the New York State policy:

1) If a Moving Company is used, the basic cost of packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking of household goods and personal effects may be reimbursed. These costs must be receipted on a Uniform Bill of Lading provided by the Moving Company. Inventory pages should also be obtained. In addition, a transportation allowance may be included in the amount of one

2) If a Rental Truck is used, the receipted cost of the truck rental may be reimbursed along with any packing material provided by the rental company and billed on their invoice. Also, receipted gas and tolls for the rental truck may be reimbursed. For moves using a rental truck, costs for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking may not be paid. A transportation allowance may be paid in the amount of one-way car mileage for one car at the current IRS mileage rate. The maximum amount that may be reimbursed is $2,000. If the actual receipted expenses are less than the maximum amount offered, only the actual expenses will be paid.

Only the expenses specified above may be reimbursed. Other expenses associated with a move may not be paid. Some examples of expenses that may not be paid include travel costs to find a house or apartment, meals and lodging during a move, transportation costs other than the specified mileage allowance, costs of selling or buying a house, or renting temporary living quarters. Since this is a New York State policy, these provisions are not negotiable.

Moving Expenses should be submitted for payment as soon as possible after the move. Claims must be submitted within one year of the appointment date.

Application forms and vouchers must be completed in the college Accounting Office following the move. New employees who have been offered moving expenses should call for an appointment and bring their original receipts to the Accounting Office (716-878-4117), Cleveland Hall Room 414. Upon completion of the necessary forms, the request will be sent to the appropriate Vice President for approval. After the President has signed the documents, the Accounting Office will process a New York State Standard Voucher to initiate the payment process. Payment will be made by New York State directly to the home address of the new employee, usually within 30 days of the date the voucher is processed by the Accounting Office.

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