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Support for International Teaching

The School of Arts and Humanities is committed to encouraging and supporting international educational opportunities for our students and international teaching and research/creative activity for A&H faculty. The following guidelines are provided to facilitate international teaching and research/creative activity.

Teaching Students Abroad

1.  Plan course offering

    a. Initiate discussion with your department chair, the director of International Studies, and the associate dean at least six months before the anticipated travel dates

    b. Identify the course you will teach, the time period, and the destination(s).  While the course should be offered during the academic year to facilitate financial aid for students, the travel abroad may occur in the summer or intersemester, with course completion after travels have been completed

    c. Develop a course with academic integrity in content and contact hours in consultation with your department chair and the director of International Studies

    d. Explore travel arrangements in consultation with director of International Studies

    e. Develop advertising plan and market to students

2.  Seek funding

    a. Investigate Research Foundation funding first

    b. For A&H support, apply on the funding request form (see A&H faculty handbook on the A&H web page) through the associate dean at least six months before the travel dates. 

    c. Contingent upon the appropriateness of the project, as expressed on the funding request form, and available financial resources, the following may be provided

     i. Instructor: extra service for one course (currently $2,300)
        or summer course compensation (currently $2,800).  Generally, no
        additional monies can be provided for the instructor.

                 ii. One assisting faculty member (if deemed necessary): 
                     Up to $1,500  for transportation, housing and food may be

Faculty and Student Research/Creative Activity
To request financial assistance for international research and creative activity, please submit the funding request form.

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